Posted on June 15 2022




Though this last year has been challenging, we truly believe there have been some glimmers of light that have come out of it. One such example, is getting our tots loving the outdoors for some respite from home schooling, enjoying some quality time as a family, exercising and having fun. 

Inevitably, cycle and scooter brands have jumped to demand and provided us with some fabulous offers for first timers, growers and mini pro's. At the forefront of the gang is renowned Scooter manufacturer Micro Scooters, and we are thrilled to announce ourselves as a new stockist for Micro. 



Micro believe that scooting is a happier, healthier, easier and more sustainable way to travel. They are passionate that everyone – young or old - can enjoy the thrill of the ride on a scooter designed around their specific needs. Constantly striving to reimagine the possibilities and lead the conversation, Micro offer an extensive range catering to all; scooters for kids, toddler scooters, scooters for adults and so on - need we go on? 




We have carefully curated a selection of scooters, helmets, lights, bells and other fabulous accessories and can't wait to show you all! 



Head to the website for a peek - all available for Click & Collect in Store.