Behind the scenes

Posted on January 23 2024

Behind the scenes

The Fabric Flavours new collection is here, and we had a blast shooting our new catalogue. 

If you are a fan of Pokemon, Frog Bikes, Batman or NASA, we have got some treats for you!

We also have awesome new Paw Patrol, Gruffalo and Friends clothing for you to check out...

Rory the photographer managed to capture the spirit of the day, all the details of our cool new collection,

and the fun of riding around the wooden Velorooms underneath our shop.

We carry a solid selection of Frog bikes.
Frog is a quality brand and amazing partner to distribute alongside the licensed clothing items we carry in store. 
We had such a cute bunch of kids in our shoot :)
And did we mention cool kids?
THANKYOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED! Hope you love the 2023 collection.