Posted on November 22 2022


Has FIFA got under your skin yet? Have you caught the fever? In your mind, are you already in Qatar? Yes, that's correct people! The World Cup is about to kick off next week! And apart from the obligatory flags, what's your wardrobe looking like?

You've got to be supportive of your country but you don't want a cheap polyester t-shirt that will go up in flames if your body heat is elevated in the excitement!

We believe in the magic of manifestation and a world-class team. They've got solid teams…… you start manifesting victory by the message on your chest.

A top that will not make you a clone of you, but a trendsetter! A tee that will make you proud of the team you support and proud that you haven't traded this season’s must-have for quality.

Our tees are a delight to the touch, easy to wear and will keep their shape until the next football hysteria! Starting at sizes 3 for kids, our shirts go all the way to adult sizes.

Fabric Flavours has your favourite look available from only £12 to £20 - thankfully no excuse for a family argument …..everybody gets one!

Now…..want to get personal?

We have a personalisation service, which means every time you want to chant about last night's win! Order a bespoke t-shirt that will say exactly what you’re thinking…or maybe just the score itself. Come see us in store for this fab opportunity...

England:6  Iran:2

So, don't be off-side with your World Cup style this year - Fabric Flavours will ensure you look "So good, so good, so good!"